Board comparison

Finally which board is the best for you?

  • FR-W has 5mm deeper rocker line
  • FR-W has 10mm narrower tips
  • FR-W has its concave flattening just before the tips of the PFS concave extends to all the board’s length.

FR-W is driven more by the body and less with the feet. Just lean your body and the board will follow. PFS will react less directly. The difference is purely a matter of taste.

If you usually ride on flat water underpowered, PFS is the best choice.

For windier places and choppy water, we would suggest you be on the FR-W.

If you are in really good shape, going for air passes and new school tricks, PFS is perfect for you.

The FR-W reduces the pressure transferred to the knees and the body so you get rid of after session skeleton aches.

Is there any additional question that would help you decide? Feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to answer your questions.