What is it that makes a bts completely different from each other board?

In this section you will understand:
What makes a bts board completely different from each other board.
The reason is that riders who use our boards are so loyal to us.

Obviously, the riding behaviour of a lightweight board, which has been extensive –studied, designed and constructed, is unique.

Here are some facts:

A carbon of a diagonal variable angle

We use carbon because it is the most suitable material for high-quality constructions. The angle of the fibres of the grid in relation to the axis of the plank affects the bending of the board during the ride. For that reason, a 45-degree angle, changing progressively towards the edges to the 60-degree angle, results in a harder in the centre and less hard at the edges board. So, we provide you with a relaxed ride and softer landings board properties.

Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP)

The Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) is the high-end laminating technique in which we use vacuum pressure to drive resin into dry fibre-reinforcement material. Materials are laid up to dry in the mould and the vacuum is applied before introducing the resin. Once a complete vacuum is achieved, the resin is fully absorbed into the laminate via carefully placed resin-feed tubing. Vacuum infusion is a completely closed production method that ensures the highest quality for the end product having no impacts on the environment.

Deep concave

A 12 mm concave is impossible to be achieved in a conventional production board, so is impossible for any conventional board in the world to ride the chop like as in glassy water, and to land on a cushion of air.

Quarto circle rails

A 3d, hand made, quarto circle rail, transforms the entire length of the board to a large keel, so you have incredibly upwind and perfect grip while on the water.

Rough deck and glossy hull

A rough deck is necessary in case you need to put your foot out of the pad, while a glossy hull provides a ride without friction.

The accessories

Very thick pads on a carbon plate, wide turtle footstraps and a handle, four G10 fins and stainless-steel screws, which weigh less than one kilogram.